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Soiled – WordPress Theme Development

Soiled went live with their new site to correspond with the release of their second issue, and I couldn’t be happier with how the theme turned out.

I got a beautiful mockup from Joseph Altshuler.


It gave me a great starting point, and after a few trials we pared it down a little bit. Something I loved about this project was working with the hierarchy of information, and getting it to fit within the workings of WordPress. While the site is basically a blog, the specific issue associated with a post proved to be important enough that it needed to be pulled out from the normal list of tags. I solved this by making each issue a category which feels like the elegant solution because it silos the content in a way that makes sense to the content Soiled Team, and has the bonus of giving posts a cleaner URL (soiledzine.org/issues/issue-name/post-name/ instead of soiledzine.org/year/month/day/post-name).

This was a blast to make, and I’m excited to say that there will definitely be more to come on this project. For now, you can see the template in action here.